To give an indication of the type of user interface we have in mind, we show on this page some screen mockups.  Please bear in mind that these have been created purely to illustrate the concepts. They will change as we refine the design.

See also the technical glossary.

Opening the project

On opening the project, the user selects a specific Viewpoint or perspective on the data.  For genealogical research this will typically include the Personal Events Explorer. Other Viewpoints can be selected for different Research Types (RTs)


Personal Events Explorer

This screen lists all Events that are associated with a target Person


Personal Relatives Explorer

Up to five generations can be shown, with the target Person being placed in any selected generation.


Personal Connections Explorer

Lists all connection to a target Person, based on user-selected connection types.


Events Explorer

Lists Event details. This shows an example of research focused on buildings.


Event Associates Explorer

Lists Persons who are associated with a target Event. Can be used similarly for other Research Types.


Person Control Panel

This panel provides a single point of access for Person-related operations. It is is always open when using a Person Viewpoint.


Event Control Panel

This panel provides a single point of access for Event-related operations. It is is always open when using an Event Viewpoint.


Research Type Control Panel

This panel provides a single point of access for other Research Type-related operations. This example is based on research into the history of buildings.


There are similar Control Panels for Projects, Location, Exhibits, Reports, Tasks and Sources.

The screenshots on this page were created using the Evolus GPL tool Pencil and its symbol libraries © 2008-2012 Evolus, released under the GNU Public License version 2. The gear wheel symbol comes from © copyright interactivemania 2010-2011, released under CC BY ND 3.0