HRE for users of The Master Genealogist

HRE is designed to provide an onward path for genealogists who currently use the now-discontinued program The Master Genealogist (TMG), previously sold by Wholly Genes.

We are working towards providing the ability to import existing TMG projects without data loss.  For standard TMG setups, we aim to provide equivalent or better functionality than TMG.

But many things will work differently, as HRE is not simply a re-write of TMG but is an entirely new and more powerful program. In particular, the graphical user interface (GUI) will be different, as will the sentence-creation and reporting functionality. We hope to be able to provide import-translation tools that will convert a TMG project (v8.5 and later) into the new HRE formats, so as to maintain so far as possible expected sentence outputs.

Existing TMG users should note that HRE is an ongoing project and that even if the project is successful fully-operational software will not be available for some time.  In the meantime, we recommend continuing to run your existing TMG program, and keeping your data up-to-date ready to transfer once HRE has been released.

If you need to move away from TMG immediately, then HRE is not for you, and you will need to select one of the available commercial genealogy options. Unfortunately that will mean sacrificing significant functionality as there is at present nothing that can match TMG’s feature-set.

Wholly Genes, Inc.

HRE is being written from scratch, and does not directly use or copy the program code within the Wholly Genes product TMG.

However, we recognize that in order to ensure compatibility with existing TMG user data, there will necessarily be some similarities between TMG and HRE, including underlying data structures, default sentence structures, modes of operation, and potentially “look and feel”.

We are very pleased to be able to say that Wholly Genes (Bob Velke) has kindly granted us permission to reuse any aspects of TMG (other than the source code) for which they control the copyright. As HRE is an entirely new program, we have not sought permission to re-use or de-compile TMG source code.

Ownership of copyright in some elements of TMG, including translations and some timelines, remains with the original authors and if there is any benefit in our reusing such third-party content, we will make separate arrangements.

We are most grateful to Bob for his generosity and encouragement in our endeavour to build on his groundbreaking original work in event-driven history research software.

Wholly Genes disclaimer.   Wholly Genes, Inc., the developer of The Master Genealogist (‘TMG‘), is not directly involved in the HRE project and will not provide technical support nor assume any responsibility or liability for the project.

All trademarks of Wholly Genes, Inc.,  including ‘Wholly Genes’, ‘TMG’, ‘The Master Genealogist’, ‘GenBridge’, ‘VCF’ and ‘Visual Chartform’ are acknowledged. Any use by the HRE project of these marks is by permission and is subject to the above disclaimer.

See also our HRE disclaimer.