The HRE project

History Research Environment is a community project which aims to create HRE, a free and open-source platform-independent application for the serious amateur or professional historical researcher.

HRE is designed to handle not only genealogical (family history) data, but a very wide range of other historical and social research needs.

For Genealogists, HRE will provide an onward path for existing users of the now-discontinued program The Master Genealogist (TMG).

The project consists of a volunteer community of software designers, programmers, historians and genealogists who work together to define and create the HRE software. The community is supported by a not-for-profit company, History Research Environment Limited, which acts as the signatory for any project contracts, and holds project funds.

The project is entirely non-profit and volunteer-based, and we have no paid employees. The directors of History Research Environment Limited are likewise volunteers.

This website contains general information about the project for intending users and volunteers. Please see our wiki for more detailed information for our community of active volunteers.

See the FAQ