YES, progress is slower than we would all like.

But YES, we are still actively building the HRE system.

We have expanded the Java code supporting the  windows of the user interface (GUI) and have built the first stages of the next layers of the architecture – what we call the ‘Business Layer’ and the ‘Database Layer’ – and these are under test.
These new functions allow us to make the connection to the initial HRE database described in the last newsletter. This is built by pre-loading dictionaries of optional values, settings, defaults and templates, after which we can pre-load TMG-like Tags and TMG-like Name Styles for Persons and for Locations. This process is also near completion.
In the meantime we have completed a number of other tasks that are required steps towards creating a viable final product. To date we have:

  • Added multi-language capability to a number of the GUI windows. As more windows get to a ‘completed’ stage, they can now also be setup in multiple languages
  • Added a functional Help system, also with multi-language support
  • Built an installer package (Windows-only so far) which will make HRE installation simple for future testers.


  • Complete testing of the Business and Database Layer connectivity to enable functional actions on an HRE database
  • Complete the pre-load of settings for Name Styles and create the ability to enter Person and Location Names
  • Import Person and Location Names from the US Sample TMG project to create the HRE ‘Sample’ project.