What’s Been Happening:

HRE was always intended to be able to run natively on Windows, Mac and Linux environments. We can now report we have conducted successful installation and execution of HRE under the latest Mac iOS release. This means we will be able to extend the current Windows installer to include a Mac installer version. Linux testing is some time away.

A second design feature was the inclusion in HRE of facilities to allow tailoring of HRE’s ‘look and feel’ to support users with visual problems such as colour-blindness. To this end we have now incorporated into HRE an open-source product which provides users with 132 different selections of screen color and font size combinations.

Other development work has continued so that HRE can now import from TMG both Person Names and Place data, while correctly interpreting and translating all TMG date data to HRE format.

Work is continuing on building out the presentation of this data in screens akin to the TMG ‘picklists’ for persons and places, and also populating the HRE ‘Viewpoint’ screens.

Further work has been done on the integrated Help system to fully document all the menu items for Projects.

RUG Presentation

We will be presenting an online overview of the HRE development progress at the December 12 meeting of RUG (Roots User Group in Arlington, Virginia, USA). Be aware that there is a limit of 250 online attendees at RUG meetings, but you can access recorded copies of RUG presentations after the meeting if you are a RUG member. For all the details, see http://www.rootsusers.org/

Next Objectives

Complete the import processes for TMG Names and Locations
Perform importing of TMG Events.

Position Vacant

The HRE programming is all carried out using JAVA. Our volunteers have successfully reached this stage in code writing, but it would go lots faster if we had another JAVA writer or two. If you are willing to volunteer some time please CONTACT US.