Consent to retention and use by HRE of personal data

In asking to be added to the HRE mailing list I confirm that I understand and consent to the following:

My personal data (ie name and electronic contact details) will be retained for the purpose of mailing list management and the provision of updates regarding the HRE software project. My voluntary consent provides the legal basis for the processing of the data. There is no obligation for me to provide consent, but if I do not I understand that I cannot be a mailing list subscriber.

The controller (the organisation responsible for my personal data) is History Research Environment Ltd, a UK company whose registered address is 14 Stirling Park, Rochester, Kent ME1 3QR, email

HRE does not knowingly process the personal data of minors, and I confirm that I am over 16 years of age.

My personal data will be held indefinitely while I remain subscribed to the HRE mailing list, and will be deleted on request, if my email address ceases to operate, or if the mailing list ceases to exist.

I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time, in which case my personal data will be deleted and I will be removed from the mailing list. If I do withdraw consent, that will not affect the lawfulness of any processing of my personal data prior to the date of withdrawal. I also retain the right of full access to my data, to require HRE to rectify any errors, and to object to any processing that I no longer agree with. All correspondence, including withdrawal of consent, should be sent by email to

My personal data will be retained in confidence by HRE, and will not be used for any purpose other than those stated above. In addition to the board of HRE Ltd, personal data may be processed by a limited number of trusted volunteers, including HRE’s mailing list manager and its liaison & donor manager. Such trusted volunteers (who may be located outside the UK/EU, including in the US) have committed to handling all personal data in compliance with GDPR requirements. Personal data may also be held by the providers of HRE’s third-party platforms (which may also be US-based), including MailChimp and HRE’s understanding is that insofar as they store and process personal data on behalf of HRE those third-party providers are GDPR-compliant. I understand that HRE, as a small non-profit organisation, has to rely on the integrity of its trusted volunteers and on third-party platforms to maintain the security and integrity of my personal data, and risk should be assessed accordingly.

I have the right to lodge a complaint about the manner in which HRE is handling my personal data with the UK supervisory authority, namely the Information Commissioner’s Office (

25 May 2018