HRE newsletter, June 2021

What’s Been Happening


A huge effort by our volunteer translators now allows HRE to present all the Project management screens (and a few others), as well as their associated Help screens, in English, French, German and Norwegian.
We would like to expand the current group of translators to include further languages – especially Dutch, Italian and Spanish. So if you have any skills in these languages, or any other, please let us know through the HRE website’ Volunteer’ page at


We have worked on exploiting the various access modes provided by our chosen database software (H2) and as a result we have built into HRE the ability to start up in ‘server mode’ to support multi-client access to an HRE database.

HRE Installation Process

We revised the install package creation process, so now you don’t need to install Java on your system in order to run HRE – in fact you won’t even be aware you are running a Java-based program. This also makes HRE portable – you can now run it from a USB stick plugged into any Windows PC.


One of the HRE design objectives was that HRE would execute natively on Windows, Linux and macOS. The change in the install package method has enabled us to more easily build installation packages for all 3 OS’s. The install process and subsequent HRE execution has now been tested under Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) and macOS 10.15 (Catalina).


Development work has continued on revising the current database structure to create a more effective base for the import of Person Names and Location data with additional HRE Name Style functionality.

HRE Presentations

We presented an overview of the HRE development progress at the 12 Dec 2020 meeting of RUG (Roots User Group) followed by a similar presentation to the TMG Down Under group (based in Australia) in March. The feedback from these sessions has been positive, which is re-assuring to the development team.
An update to RUG is planned for their July 2021 meeting, so if you want to hear the very latest news, see the details at – click on ‘RUG Meeting Presentations’ in the left sidebar and you’ll find HRE presentations in the ‘Downloads of RUG Meeting Presentations‘ list at Dec 12, 2020 and July 10, 2021.